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Personal money transfer

If you would like to send money online but don’t know where to start – that’s ok, we’ve also been there. There are new concepts to learn, new technologies to grasp, and no shortage of money services throwing themselves at you, offering to help.

The problem is how do you know which service is best for you? A little bit of research will help you navigate the chaos. And a touch of guidance won’t hurt either. Foreign exchange can be complicated, so it’s important to be informed.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what you should consider when you want to send money online, and the services that can help.

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According to the World Bank, the average remittance cost is 6% of transfer value. We can show you how get this down to 1%.

— Kristopher Thomas, TransferGuides

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Business money transfer

In today’s marketplace, business money transfer is a necessary part of running an organisation. As the internet becomes more popular and global supply chains become more efficient, geographic location is no longer a barrier to trade.

While this brings opportunity, it also presents challenges. One of those challenges is dealing with increased competition from abroad. Another one is dealing with international payments and foreign exchange; an area where small margins can make a big difference.

In this post, we’ll explore the world of business money transfer, and see what services are available for your business.

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Top 10 transfer services – by score

Here is a list of our top 10 money transfer services. Beside the name of each service, we have included its average cost, speed of transfer, receiving countries, and our review score – sorted from highest to lowest.

wdt_ID Service Ave. cost Speed Countries Our score Review
1 CurrencyFair 0.45% 2-4 days 157 5 stars Read review
2 XE Money Transfer 0.54% 2-4 days 220 4 stars Read review
3 WorldFirst 1.11% 2-4 days 243 4 stars Read review
4 OFX 1.20% 3-5 days 226 4 stars Read review
6 OrbitRemit 0.43% 1-3 days 43 4 stars Read review
9 WorldRemit 1.35% 1-3 days 132 4 stars Read review
10 TransferGo 0.84% 1-3 days 56 3 stars Read review
14 Wise 0.50% 1-3 days 90 5 stars Read review
21 Xendpay 0.71% 1-3 days 201 4 stars Read review
23 Xoom 0.44% 1-3 days 30 4 stars Read review

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